I'm excited to announce my first full-scale Indie Game, a medieval rpg about magic and dragons. This is my dream project and I built it for you.


Skydom started out as a dream with some close friends years ago and has evolved into a vast, open-world adventure you can soon experience for yourself. If you're a fan of fantasy worlds, castles, and dragons, or stories of bravery and courage, this game is for you.



The Soundtrack for Skydom is entirely original. With the help of my good friend Toby and my dad, we were able to build an Album from scratch. Check it out below!

Previous Projects

Skydom is my most ambitious title to date but I've worked on a variety of previous projects as well. It's fun to look back on previous projects and see how far I've come. Inserting random terrible web game below...

In addition, I've worked on many other projects (games and other apps):


Jesse Bennett here :)

I'm a Computer Science student at TMU with a passion for coding and game development. I've been coding since I was 10 years old, and I like to think of it as a creative outlet, an art form. In addition to my own personal coding endeavors, I took a Software Development Internship back in Highschool which taught me the basics of mobile development.

When I was very young I used to dream about a world of dragons and castles, a story of a young boy who takes on the world, a big adventure. I've poured out much of my free time the last couple years into Skydom, the realization of that dream.

I'm currently pursuing a Bachlor's in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence while working on Skydom with my spare time.

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